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Catarina Mira

Catarina Mira


Catarina is an inspiration to many as a woman, as an artist and most recently as a mother. She has been living in the cosmopolitan city of London for the past years but what you might not know is that Catarina is originally from a fishing town in the south of Portugal. And that’s exactly where we met!

Always with a smile on her face, Catarina Mira welcomed us to her family house and shared with us a little bit of her story. We did not want to miss out on the family tradition, so we met with the fishermen, one of them being her cousin, and went to see where Catarina gets her fish for lunch.

Catarina was a joy, she is charismatic and charming, it was a blessing to being able to enjoy a special moment with a powerful woman as Catarina

You come from a typical Portuguese family with a lot of traditions. Moving to London must have been a huge change in many aspects. What changed you as a person?

A lot has changed but mainly because I have changed as a person as most of my adult life has been spent in the UK. My childhood and early adulthood was spent in Portugal and I’m extremely proud of my roots but, often, I feel like Portugal is an ex boyfriend, a country I love but don’t belong to. I really like the freedom I feel in London but I also crave the warmth of the Portuguese culture. In an ideal world I would live between both countries.

What do you most miss from your Portuguese life/routine?

I miss the possibility of making impulsive plans. In London I need to plan my life to the minute rather than just going with the flow as going to visit a friend sometimes means spending 1h in public transportation. I also miss the sea, being from the Algarve I’m a beach body and, specially during the cold dark months, I find myself craving the ocean and the blue skies that we are so lucky to be blessed with during most of the year in Portugal.

Do you carry some of your Portuguese traditions in your day to day life?

Yes, I make a lot of homemade soups a lot which is a very Portuguese thing and I also kiss rather than shake hands when introduced to someone new, even in professional situations. It’s second nature to me, often I excuse myself by saying “I’m sorry but I’m Portuguese and we like to kiss and hug”.

Now you’re the mother of sweet Wolf. When we become moms, we change. What do you feel changed the most.

Everything has change, my purpose in life, my identity, my priorities, my sleep, my body, my relationship with my husband and my idea of love. I really adore being a mum and I think I’ve welcomed these changes with open arms. I was ready for them even though no one prepares you for them. I wouldn’t change anything, I’m the happiest I have ever been.

Your "fears" before becoming a mother maintain now that you’re a mother?

I think my fears were quite self-centred before, I feared I would step back professionally, that I would miss out on opportunities but, in all honesty, I couldn’t care less now. Fashion weeks will happen every year but this particular time in life with my son is not replicable. My fears these days are more about Wolf’s health and safety and making sure we are doing this parenting thing right.

Has the way you perceive your art changed since you have became a mum?

Thank you for thinking that what I do is “art”. That’s very kind. I feel so much more inspired, I have a new muse and he is the most exciting subject to capture. Also I‘ve realized how much time I had before Wolf. So now, when I get proper creative time there’s a sudden urgency. There’s no time to deliberate or ‘be in the mood’ to write or shoot. I just do it.

 What advice would you give your young-self?

I think I have made lots of mistakes growing up but I see value in that. I wouldn’t change or tell my younger self to do things differently, sometimes we just have to go through what we have to go through and come out the other end stronger and wiser.

What advice would you give to Wolf?

That the fact that he is a boy doesn’t mean he has to not express his feelings. It’s ok to feel things and express them and be who ever he wants to be.